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PostPosted: Mon 01 Aug, 2016 - 6:30 pm 
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Greeting All,

Long Time no see, hope you are all well.
First time putting a post up in a long while and just as long since I've last poked from the shadows.
I wish to share something I've been using for communication among groups for other games I play, most of these are now actually tabletop games in some form. I've somewhat moved away from digital gaming these past couple years, nowadays I'm more fond of playing TCG's and ECG's. That said when I've resolved some costly technical issues on my end I will resume Minecraft as I see alot has changed with the game since last I was logged in. I don't recognise coloured clay, the new combat mechanics, and can some one please tell me, what purpose does Diorite have other than being able to write "KONO DIO DA!!" across some poor villagers front lawn?

Anyway, I'm veering off topic here.

DISCORD is a client, or browser based applet depending on how you use it, I'd like to say it's similar to Teamspeak if Teamspeak was more accessible, but I've never used Teamspeak so I can't make that comparison, can also be used on tablet and mobile so communication is possible from anywhere so long as you aren't running on a potato. (Like me atm) Unlike Skype you can't do video calls, but you can have more than enough people fit into a chat room or even set up a server with multiple chat rooms for different groups working on different things, it works both as a central discussion hub, and a tool for operating smaller groups within a larger community base.

I've been using it for socialising for awhile now, since as I said, I'm running a potato, and I can't even get Skype to install on my current (formally school) laptop.

Actually I can't get it to run msi files at all. I can't even install X-Mage or * for testing Magic decks before building.

Anyhow I wish to propose for Discord's use among this community, that I will admit I've been away from for a while, but it would provide a chance for us all to catch-up with one another without the need of a downloaded and installed application, if the requirement for one creates a barrier between people. (Yes this is personal.)

In order to use it, all you need is a link, someone to create a server room and then after that an invite link to pass along to all those you wish to target to join your community. severs will have longer addresses but it all starts from this.
My personal "for-friends" sever as an example is and it's not costing me a penny to have.

Also, in case you also a Trading Card Game or Expandable Card Game player, our paths may have crossed as in that gaming enviroment I'm using the Name Brave V-Decker, OR BraVeDeckard, depending on forum naming rules and if Spaces and/or special character are allowed in screen names.

NOTE: THE LINK TO MY SERVER NO LONGER WORKS AS I CHANGED THE LINK ON SERVER SIDE I was experimenting with something and it wiped the existing invite links out.



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