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 Post subject: Hawknet Feed The Beast
PostPosted: Thu 20 Mar, 2014 - 1:39 am 
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So, on the current SMP server, I'm constantly just running out of interesting and fun things to do, that's no the servers fault though, it's just simply at the amount of content Minecraft has implemented, there's an easy solution to this. Mods.

Now, yes, you can play modded version of Minecraft on others servers or heck even in single player, but having a modded server from Hawknet adds the community from the current servers to a new one because let's be honest, playing with friends is always better than playing alone or with strangers.

And another good point about Feed the Beast/Tekkit is that there is multiple mod packs to install so heck, Hawknet could even just go off and create a specifically tailored mod-pack to suit the server, though would be a lot harder than just getting a preexisting one, but it's still an option; but personally I'd most likely go for preexisting ones, such as these; (was a personal favorite, currently outdated, pending a big update.)

A big plus to these new mod-packs is also the easy accessibility of them, so instead of having to do the big hastle of opening jar files and moving files around, it's all done for you, this basically eliminates one of the problems with the older SMP modded server thus getting more people to come and play on the server.

So overall, I think it'd be pretty damn nice to have a FTB/Tekkit server along with the good ol' Hawknet community.


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PostPosted: Thu 20 Mar, 2014 - 2:23 pm 
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I have actually considered running FTB. We did previously run a Tekkit server, but due to the ease of breaking absolutely everything by becoming overpowered within a few hours, it eventually had to die. We also noted that more people were playing Tekkit than SMP, and some times I didn't even run SMP (no one noticed...) which showed how it can split the community.

The issue with FTB is that it runs Forge, which Bukkit doesn't support. This means that we'd have to have a whitelisted server, and it would be very difficult for us to moderate it if someone goes rouge. If you know of any different, then please let me know.

In terms of FTB, I was thinking of using the HatPack, but we can leave that up to the community in general.
I support this notion however. It would be good to experience something other than the plain boring diamond tier *.

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PostPosted: Thu 20 Mar, 2014 - 5:40 pm 
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I agree completely with what Zion has said. I am fairly unaware of the moderation issues, but i think that adding a new interesting server is completely what this community needs right now, and it would also generate a new player base on the community.

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